Marianne Stockwell's story:


My partner and I have been together for over 3 years.


In January, we went to Florida to visit his aunt who is very sick. One long and trying day we came home and I realized in that moment that there was no one else I would rather be with than Kit. I knew since the day we met we would be together forever.


That night we went to the coffee shop and I surprised him by popping the question. I knew he had been planning to do it soon but I needed him to know in that moment that this was forever.

2019 Finalist Proposal Stories:

Torren Anderson's story:


My boyfriend and I were on a week long trip of our dreams! We were flying into Las Vegas, renting a car to drive to the Grand Canyon, then to Scottsdale, Arizona to spend time with his grandparents, who he hadn’t seen in years.


Las Vegas was a whirlwind time with lights, glitz and glamour the whole time. We spent the whole 5 hour journey to the Grand Canyon laughing and singing, and also hunting down at an authentic beef jerky place. We wound up tossing pieces at each other after we figured out we didn’t really like beef jerky. We get to the Grand Canyon and it started to get dark, I was nervous we wouldn’t make it in time to see the sunset. Tom put my hand in his and gave it a squeeze. After spending 20 mins finding a parking spot, we made it onto the last bus out to the edge. The vastness of the Canyon was absolutely breathtaking, the reds, yellows, oranges and even the blues and purples. It felt like nothing else mattered in the entire world. Then Tom tapped my shoulder, breaking my slack jawed gaze. In his hands, he had a little, grey velvet box in his hand. Sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, just when I thought the Earth couldn’t get anymore beautiful, it did. Love was struck into my heart, the sudden rush of emotions was uncontainable for both of us. Tom was overwhelmed and could barely get the words out of his mouth, never the less, I hugged him tightly and whispered, “of course”. Just when I thought, life couldn’t be anymore beautiful, Tom found a way, as he always does.


Taylor Anselmo's story:


I woke up yesterday feeling uneasy having an overall bad day. I curled my hair, hated it.

Straightened my hair. Hated it, began crying and telling my boyfriend to tell his parents we could not meet them for lunch and to lie and say I was called into work. He comforted me and told me let’s go to the planetarium which was a very odd request at that time of day but we’re an odd couple so why not. He promised me the day would get better.


After a long hug I pulled myself together. We get to the planetarium to absolutely not a soul there. We get seated inside the dark dome, to where the projections specialist to ask us if we wanted to see some new material and give us some feed back.


We obliged.  Then our song comes on in the background and a slide show of us projects largely on the dome screen. I began balling immediately. For the next seven minutes pictures of us and the places we been and enjoyed together glide across the screen with pure joy filling my heart I sob. He tells me all these amazing loving words which at this point seem like a blur because I then knew. OMG it’s happening. He then gets down on one knee as I also look up to the screen saying “Will you marry me?” I of course said yes and turned around to our parents behind us all excited. We then went back to my parents house for a small celebration and I honestly couldn’t imagine it any more perfect!!!

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